Lead to Succeed programme information. £400 pp claim back £500 via WDF if NMDS compliant.

Lead to Succeed was originally created by the National Skills Academy for Social Care in 2012 in response to their Registered Managers survey. The programme is designed to be delivered over 5 full-day workshops, with each workshop focusing on a different topic:

1.     Successful behaviours for leaders and managers

To understand the value of effective leadership in adult social care and how its impact could be measured

To recognise key qualities and behaviour that will support learners to lead and manage teams and services effectively

To provide practical approaches to developing and improving the effectiveness of learners’ own leadership behaviour in a care setting

2.    Developing a positive culture

To understand what is meant by a positive workplace culture and the benefits it can bring

To explore learners’ roles in developing culture

To provide practical approaches to developing and promoting key aspects of culture

3.    Effective supervision

To develop an understanding of supervision within adult social care

To explore leadership behaviour associated with being an effective supervisor

To provide learners’ with practical strategies to improve their own behaviours when supervising

4.    Leading and managing the process of change

To recognise learners’ role in supporting changes within social care organisations

To understand the value of working with others, and have strategies to do so.  Particularly relating to co-production with people using services

To understand how the impact of changes made could be measured

5.    Leading and managing the inspection process

To understand different aspects of a CQC inspection and what drives an inspection

To have practical strategies to support preparing for inspections, as well strategies for the day of inspection and following-up an inspection – including how to use the grading awarded.

To understand how the success of these practical strategies for inspection could be measured

Attendance at all 5 days is required to complete the course. However, a four day programme can be delivered for those not working in a CQC registered environments.

If you are NMDS compliant you can claim the cost of this programme back through your local WDF manager.