Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
— Chinese Proverb


What is it?

Leadership can be hard to define and can mean different things to different people. At FreeBird Associates we think of Leadership as the ability to inspire, support and encourage people, teams or organisations to move from one place to another.

Why is it important?

The greatest resource most organisations have is their workforce and effective leadership can support the workforce to achieve the outcomes of an organisation. Effective leadership can make or break an organisation. It’s not just about writing a good policy or procedure but about having people prepared to follow you. Effective leadership means having the right skills to do this.

What we do

Sometimes people have a natural ability to lead and may not necessarily be in a managerial position, but they have the ear of the workforce. Sometimes people have the name leader in their job description but they struggle with the skills to be an effective leader, believing that strong leadership means having all the answers.

Freebird Associates

FreeBird Associates facilitates bespoke leadership programmes designed with the needs of the customer at the forefront. We have worked with various organisations, large and small to identify what type of leadership they require and the skills they want to develop.

In addition since becoming a Skills for Care Endorsed provider we also offer a range of Skills for Care Endorsed Leadership programmes.

We believe that leadership is an art and not a job description, For more information on how we can support you please contact us at info@freebirdassociates.com